Moringa Leaves Stir Fry!

8 thoughts on “Moringa Leaves Stir Fry!”

  1. Ada! Namma ooru Poriyal 😍🤤 Nam mute natile Fry 😉 Not sure which part of Indian origin you are from, our weekly food and delicious part of our lunch 😍 Simple and healthy ❤️


      1. I take once a week 😅 Taruvata emiti, miru tadupari desalano unaru ante. Anyway, it’s definitely super healthy 😉👍 and your presentation makes us crave for it 😍


  2. Hello Dear sis,

    I tried ur recipe today 😂..ofcourse you know I look for time saving options.. instead of boiling on stove I boiled leaves in instant pot 🤣.. and yes with our little chef Mr. A.

    It’s yummy thank u sis


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