2021 Spring Garden Post

17 thoughts on “2021 Spring Garden Post”

    1. Thank you Krishna. I try! But once the summer starts, the deers literally make my life miserable in this part of NJ. They eat away leaves, flowers. You wouldnt believe if I said I dont the color of the rose bush I planted 4 years ago. It becomes big and nice and starts budding and the dear deer eats them away. We put up a fence this year…..hopefully I would know the color πŸ™‚


  1. I take it you live in the US, since the climate is important. Your flowers are lovely, but you need much more, as you should not be able to see the soil around them. The peaches blooms are magnificent. The fruit will get ripe if you put the fruit inside, in the kitchen, also they can be simmer gently with spices, and served with ice cream.

    If you have time please look up my post Spring into Summer in my Garden



    1. Thank you Gaby and you are absolutely right. We are yet to put layers of new dirt and mulch for the garden beds. Hopefully this weekend. Its still a bit cold in NJ now.
      I tried to find it on your blog, can you please post the direct link here if you are fine. I would love to check out garden posts, get some ideas and tips and tricks.
      Thank you for stopping by.


  2. Let me know when you’re coming through Kentucky and you can do my landscaping which I have been procrastinating for several years! 😁


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