1 Bowl Chocolate Ganache without Heavy cream.

24 thoughts on “1 Bowl Chocolate Ganache without Heavy cream.”

  1. Incidentally I made my first ganache few weeks back. I was freaked out by the thought that the chocolate will not mix properly and put lot of effort to make the chocolate pieces really small. Next time I’ll try this recipe. Thanks for the tip ‘let chocolate chip stand for 3-4 mins’ before stirring.


  2. You do give a very good direction and I will follow. Thank you for reading so many posts, very kind. WEcannot live by bread alone, even with the chocolate one.

    Thank you.



  3. Ooooh! If you’re ever traveling though Kentucky, USA, let me know so you can stay here and bake a few cakes!! 😁
    Just wondering if the ganache would work with butterscotch chips? Now that would be next to Heaven!


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